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Pill Image

This web page can help to find images of more than 8600 pills administred by oral route of administration. This information is useful when you develop generic dosage form of an approved reference listed drug product. You can search for pill image by using drug name, NDC code and application number.

Pill Appearance

You can find physical appearance (size, shape, color, number of scoring and imprint) of more than 38,000 orally administered pills. You can search for pill appearance by using drug name, NDC code and application number.


Pillbox, an initiative of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, provides data and images for prescription, over-the-counter, homeopathic, and veterinary oral solid dosage medications (pills) marketed in the United States. This data set contains information about pills such as how they look, their active and inactive ingredients, and many other criteria.

A major function of the initiative was the development of a data process which ingests the source data and produces an easy-to-use, "pill-focused" dataset.

Pillbox's primary data source (FDA drug labels) is complex and does not organize information based on individual pills. Additionally, there are very few pill images available in the source data. The Pillbox initiative has focused on restructuring the source data, incorporating data from other related data sets, and creating a library of pill images.

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